Top 5 Ways to Find Job Opportunities for Ex-pats in Karachi, Pakistan

It is not difficult to find job opportunities for ex-pats in Karachi, Pakistan if you know where to look for. This article will show you how to find ex-pat jobs in Karachi.

It is not difficult to find job opportunities for ex-pats in Karachi, Pakistan if you know where to look for. This article will show you a proper process to follow and common mistakes to avoid during your job hunting period in Karachi.

Let’s look at top 5 ways to find jobs for ex-pats in Karachi.

1.Networking with other ex-pats

This is by far the most reliable and fastest way to find a job in Karachi, Pakistan. There are many ex-pats working in Karachi. Networking with them will provide you many avenues for job opportunities. Ex-pat forums are the best places to start your networking. Following are a few good ex-pat forums in Pakistan.


Many jobs that are targeting ex-pats are advertised on the Internet in Karachi. Below are the most popular Internet job sites in Pakistan.

3.Directly approach Employers

This is the best way to tap unadvertised jobs in Pakistan. Many vacancies are filled in Karachi internally or through references. Ex-pats can approach Human Resources departments of major companies in Karachi and see whether they have vacancies for ex-pats. You can find top companies in Karachi by visiting website.


Employers advertise job opportunities on most of the major newspapers in Karachi. Ex-pats can apply for majority of these jobs. Below are the most popular newspapers in Karachi, Pakistan.

Business Recorder

Daily Times


The Financial Daily

Pakistan Observer

The Star

5.Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are very limited in Karachi. The only reliable recruitment agency is Al Ahad Group ( You can contact one of their recruitment specialists and discuss suitable job opportunities.

Important information for Ex-pats in Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan is an Islamic country. Pakistanis are very friendly and fun loving people. They respect ex-pats. However, as an ex-pat you must know your limits and must not cross the line, especially in religious related matters. Respect their culture and beliefs even if you do not agree with them.

Karachi is located on the coast line in Pakistan. It has a relatively mild climate. Summer and winter are the two main seasons. Spring and autumn are very short. Karachi can be hot and humid during the summer season (March to October). The average temperature is around 28C – 35C.

Karachi also receives the monsoon rains from July to September. The rain could be very heavy during this period.

The best way to commute to work is having your own vehicle. Large crowds can be seen in Public transport systems (busses and trains) and may not be suitable for ex-pats to travel.

The above are not the only ways to find job opportunities for ex-pats in Karachi, Pakistan. Having contacts with right people will be very helpful to find a job quickly. Expand your network, but be selective.


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