Top 5 Most Famous People from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Top 5 Most Famous People from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the home of numerous celebrities whose famous contributions, through their careers and jobs earn them a highlighted place on this list. Only one is mentioned with unwelcomed fame. Compiling and limiting this to only five famous people in Milwaukee, Wisconsin just might omit your favorite star or performer in sports or life in general, yet will provide you with almost all worthy accomplished people.

In the event you have never researched the most famous people from Milwaukee, Wisconsin you will be pleasantly surprised at this collection and why they were chosen.

1.  Dierdre Barry is a 39 year old American female cycle racer who resides in Spain with her professional cyclist husband, Michael Barry. Like many sports icons they have more than one love and most often than not;  a skill for many athletic activities. Dede became interested in figure skating excelling to successfully be a member of the United States Speedskating team for four years. During the skate training she used cycling for conditioning and became interested in entering and winning world wide recognition as part of a team.

2.  Ben Bard, born January 26, 1893 and died in 1974 was classified as a career actor beginning with Vaudeville in his early introduction to the theater as a teen. His famous roles lingered into the years yet becoming more prominent in directing and teaching new talent in a leading Hollywood acting school and Twentieth Century Fox Talent Department. Ben Bard's performances in "The Bat Wispers" in 1930, "The Seventh Victim" , "The Leopard Man"  and "The Ghost Ship" all in 1943 contributed to his film, stage acting career. During Ben's life he married three times having his legacy continue with two sons who now pursue professions in artistic areas their late father did.

3. Jeffrey Linonel Dahmer is still referred to as The Milwaukee Monster who was born in 1960 in West Allis, a city in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. The span of brutal activities of this serial killer including many murders span the years of 1978  to 1991. Doing the math it is known that Jeffrey's first victim was committed when he was 18 years old. During his incarceration in 1994 he was beaten with a cleaning instument and died from those injuries done by a fellow inmate.

4.  Antler is a poet which to no amazement has a real name of Brad Burdick. Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Walt Whitman Prize honoree in the years 1985 and furthermore the poet laureate of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for two consecutive years in 2002 and 2003. His energy in creating his writing style depicts his love and admiration for the environment, particularly the wilderness.

5. Liberace was born in 1919 as Walter Valentino Liberace in West Allis, a city in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. A spectacular master performer at the keyboard dazzled Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall to European during show stopping performances. Liberace's showmanship won him awards beyond that of a first rate pianist with recognition as  an author of best selling autobiography "Liberace" and "Liberace Cooks". His continued success acclaimed Liberace as  the "Pop Keyboard Artist of the year for three years from 1976 to 1979. His legacy lives through his scholarships since his death at 67 years old.

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Comments (12)

This is an interesting series, thanks Roberta!

Very informative and very interesting. Voted up!

Excellent article. Thank you.

Ranked #11 in Careers

Wow I had forgotten what happened to Dahlmer - apparently he started by torturing pets, people should have picked up on his issues sooner.

Wow. Most of these I never heard of. I will be back in an hour with a well deserved vote.

very interesting, thank you

Very well-written information about these people especially that of Dierdre Barry and Antler the poet.

I've only heard of two of these famous / infamous people from Milwaukee. Thanks for the interesting article. Voted. : )

I did not know Liberace was from Wisconsin, wow! Great article. I always enjoy learning about fascinating people.

Good to know, thanks.

I know Jeffery and Ben but I do not know the three others.

Liberace is an icon indeed! A good list, with interesting details about each person.