Teaching English Overseas

Obtaining a Teaching Job in a Foreign Country

I was an english major in college. I have always enjoyed reading and writing. I have a great respect for the written and spoken word. Recently i became aware of how much of a demand there is around the world for people to teach english as a second language.There are many courses available for this purpose. One of the best is the TESOL english course. It is a course which is taught in many areas of the United States. It is usually taught every month or so.

The course is about 100 hours in length. The course is usually taught on weekends, to offer a convenient time for most of the students.

There are courses which are shorter in duration but it is said that 100 hours is necessary to provide adequate preparation for teaching in a classroom setting. One must keep in mind that there are students who have no teaching experience and that has to be taken into consideration when determining the length of the training time.

Usually, a four year college degree is required along with the TESOL certificate to teach- however, this depends on the location of your school. Many countries require only a high school diploma and the certificate to teach.

At the end of the course, a certificate is awarded to the students .After that, resumes are prepared and checked to be mailed to different schools around the world where there are openings for teaching positions.

If a school is interested in hiring an applicant, a telephone interview is arranged between the school and the applicant.

One of the reasons for this is for the employing school to see if the applicant speaks english clearly with proper use of grammar.

If the applicant passes the phone interview, the person is tentatively hired for the position. Arrangements are made for travel and housing accommodations.

Some schools or universities provide the cost of airfare transportation to come to their country, others partially pay for the airfare, others do not provide for transportation,

Some countries also give free housing such as apartments that are paid for by the school or university, again, it all depends on the place you are applying for.

Most schools have you to sign a contract of one or two years to teach .After the contract is completed, you have an option to renew it or leave your position.

I am personally very interested in teaching english in asia. I have been to asia a lot of times over the past 4 years and i love the people in the countries i visited, namely- Thailand, China and the Philippines.

I also feel a need to teach english- it is a subject i majored in in college and i would get a tremendous sense of satisfaction for doing that and helping people learn a new language.

It would be my way of bringing the world a little closer together- of making a small difference and doing something good.


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