How to Make a Career As a Musician

Making a career in music is a possibility now more than ever as the barriers to entry and distribution have been minimized. With less thank one hundred dollars you can send your music worldwide to the largest digital outlets online.

Making a career in music is a possibility now more than ever as the barriers to entry and distribution have been minimized. With less thank one hundred dollars you can send your music worldwide to the largest digital outlets online. The investment of time and heart into your production will define your success and career path in the music making business. Follow these tips along the way to build your songs and talent from garage band to nationally recognized musician.

Play as many gigs as you can find Word of mouth is your public hyperlink, tweet, and like button. Even if you have two songs, play them and do it well.

Case in point, my example as a minimally successful local acoustic act. I have a music Facebook, a Twitter, a podcast, Youtube and sell my music across multiple outlets including CD Baby, Napster, iTunes, Amazon, and more. I also manage a page on my web site to network and offer free downloads and access to my lyrics. You may wish to do the same and even more.

Set reasonable goals. Are your ideals for your music career within reach? Creating practical goals is key to feeling accomplished. There are less and less mega groups and stars, platinum albums, and worldwide acclaimed bands. What there are today however is thousands of career musicians who find a niche and work to produce music for a pock of audience that has specific tastes. While multi-million dollar contracts are less than one percent, income for more people is on the rise as a result of the digital age.

If this does not sound good to you then think again or look elsewhere. there are inherent benefits to the new business model of music. If you have any appreciable skill in your craft then you can guarantee an audience of at least a few like minded individuals. Social media, free internet radio, and pod casts offer musicians a worldwide outlet to reach an audience.

The key is commitment. Talk to other musicians. Build networks together. Everyone at your level starting out has the same goals. Don't tear people down. Whatever you do on your road builds a reputation that will be remembered. Tearing down bridges at the start of your career creates obstacles that you will have to overcome or may be charged with later. Networking for gigs is just like any other job.

Practice and then play flowed with more practice. All the best concert artists are well rehearsed so they can play and improvise later. Sounding good is critical to getting over as a musician. You have to sell yourself to sell music. Selling out is something else completely and a stage reached only by those bands and acts who built up a great following first. You have to have something viable to sell in order to choose to sell out at all.

Dedicate yourself to your craft. Refine your influences into a new direction. Write in your own voice and avoid imitation that is ultimately not natural. You have to be yourself to build your music and make a career bit by bit.

Take tips in the form of advice, food, or cash. As you grow so will the rewards and your skill. Rock on, and let me know how you're doing!

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Posted on May 6, 2011

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