How to Identify the Right Sales Job for You

Whatever you choose to do it will have to be sold.  This may or may not be a challenge for your depending on your ability sell.

There are a variety of sales personalities but for the sake of this piece simply understand that there are only two: those that can sell refrigerators to Eskimos or those that have a passion;  with passion for sales in general or passion for your product or service.  Selling refrigerators to Eskimos can border on "not the right thing to be doing" so this piece will only speak to passion.

Give thought to what excites you.  This is what you should be selling.  But in the meantime, while you search for a passion play, write down: "a job worth doing is worth doing right."  So what this sets in motion is that no matter what you are selling, the level of success you will enjoy is in direct relation to the level of respect you have for it and for the person that owns the product or service you are selling.  And if you have created something to sell keep your self-respect at the top of your commitment list.

Once you have identified your passion (there can be more than one area to be passionate about) look around to see if there is a direct marketing company that already has this passion in motion.  Direct marketing companies are not always MLM hooks and yet, even MLM can be ok if you have respect for the product or service.

Direct marketing opportunities are almost always something your can begin with with little to no investment but the company has a defined plan in place so all you have to do is knock on doors and sell - sell - sell.  And if you have passion for whatever the product or service is you will find yourself having fun and when you are having fun this will come across in your selling and thus increase your sales.

This will be the quickest path to making whatever amount of "extra" money you choose.


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