How Do You Get Your Old Job Back?

An article on how do you get your old job back and ways to create chance for you to get back.

Craving for your old job back? The current job is not giving you the best results you are expecting compared to the old one? It is first important to reconsider if it is a good idea and whether the skills you have are what the company looking for right now. Here’s a few tips on how to get your old job back.

1. Self assessment

Be honest to yourself. Ask yourself if you really want the old job back. Was it because of the pay, workload, flexible time or even better co-workers? Nevertheless, always remember to as yourself questions to ensure if you are ready to go back to your old working place.

2. The needs of the company

No company is willing to employ old staffs back unless there’s a catch. Do you have what it takes to do the job well or is the company just plain desperate for staff? Always prepare yourself with the future. For example, if you are under the Sales & Marketing department, try to figure out how you can return with a new angle of approach that could help make you and the company more competitive.

Remember that you might not need the old job back. Therefore, approach the application process and interview as if you were a new candidate. Improve on your resume, do research to prove to the interviewers that even though you have left the company, you still got what it takes to do the job well and get yourself ready to answer harder questions.

Before applying, get in contact with your former co-workers to assess on how things are now relative to when you were there. At the same time, tell your former boss (who will most probably be your interviewer) on what new initiatives you plan to bring with the benefit of hindsight and what new energy you have for coming back.

3. No hard feelings

Assure your former boss or Human Resource Department that you do not have any bad feelings about being laid off and eager to get back to work. If you are trying to persuade a new boss to bring you back, focusing on your achievements and get references to back you up.

What happens when no full time position available? Simple answer is considering the option to work on a contract basis. Normally, the pay is higher but the downside is there will not be any benefits. However, the job will have a chance to become a full time position if you are performing well.

Most people feel discouraged when they went for the interview and were informed that the pay is less than what they earned before. Always remember that pay wise depends on market conditions and everybody is taking pay cuts and also losing benefits. Do expect changes as the economy will slow improve. All you need is time.


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