An Expat's Review of Expat Job Opportunities for Expats in New Delhi, India

Short guide on expat jobs in New Delhi India. Includes cost of living, immigration information, New Delhi cultural review, How to find expat jobs in New Delhi, and comparison between India and other expat destinations. There are many jobs for expats in Ne

The expat crowd has grown exponentially in the past decade. Stagnant wages and rising costs at home provide that extra push to lead westerners to try out life in exotic locales throughout the globe. With a surging economy, many native world-class companies, and English as a common language, it is quite surprising that India was for decades more of destination for hippie backpackers than career-hungry professionals seeking an expat lifestyle in India.

India has two great selling points as an expat destination, firstly, the current exchange rate between the Indian Rupee and western currencies means that you can support yourself for a long while on a few hundred dollar while you look for a job, and you could easily save 60% of your salary if you live modestly. The second is that westerners applies for the work permit themselves after securing work, you can apply for one yourself easily through your nearest Indian consulate or embassy. When I was seeking work in India as an expat, not depending as much on the company for your legality there offers you much more flexibility in negotiating salary (not to mention you get treated with a greater degree of respect) compared to Thailand and Indonesia where your sponsors consider themselves entitled to have their way with you since you since they paid a pile of fees and bribes to get you there.

New Delhi, the capital, provides a unique combination of the ancient, with it numerous Mughal palaces, to modern styles ranging from the Imperial-Art-deco of British-designed New Delhi, to the growing number to skyscrapers downtown. As the seat of India's government, there is no shortage of amusements. Culturally minded expats will be glad to know that the vast galleries of the national museums can take years to browse properly. Outdoor enthusiasts need only glance at a map to see that the breathtaking Himalayas are a short trip away. Night owls can share drinks with India's power elite at any number of classy bars in one of many fine bars and nightclubs.

Expat Job opportunities in New Delhi are quite different than those in other expat destinations, even from the rest of India. People without much work experience will not have much to choose from, as English teaching and sales jobs are few and far between. Anyone with a four-year university degree can easily find many openings for expats as corporate English coaches, customer service supervisors and as executives in outsourcing offices. The best place to find these job postings is in the 'Times Ascent' a section of the national daily 'Times of India' which is published each Wednesday, and through 'HT Careers' a section of the 'Hindustan Times' newspaper each Tuesday.

Word to the wise, New Delhi, along with Mumbai, is among the most expensive places for an expat to live in India. So do try to prioritize job offers that provide initial accommodation, as rent for decent apartments in New Delhi approach western prices.


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