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Youth Coordinator Salary & Job Requirements

The youth coordinatorÂ’s primary duties and responsibilities are to coordinate various programs and activities for the youth.

Job Overview

The youth coordinator’s primary duties and responsibilities are to coordinate various programs and activities for the youth.  If you are seeking a job as a youth coordinator you must have a passion for working with the youth.  The ages of the youth that you will be accountable for will vary depending upon the establishment that you apply to, as well as your routine duties and responsibilities.  You will be responsible for planning and implementing age-appropriate activities and programs for the youth that are placed under your care. You might also be responsible for administrative and management duties that are associated with your regular job assignments. Be prepared to engage the youth, be accessible, and provide a safe leaning environment for all.  You could find work at a school, the YMCA, the boys and girls club, the boy scouts, the girl scouts, youth centers, the park district, summer camp, a church, after school programs, and other establishments where youth coordinators are needed to carry out the youth programs.  The youth coordinator usually reports to the youth director or program manager. 

Job Requirements

Must have at least three years previous experience in working with the youth.  You will be required to take a drug test along with a comprehensive background check prior to employment.  Former employment references prior to employment are a must.  You should also have excellent organizational skills, interpersonal skills, and communication skills.   Some institutions require that you have a valid driver's license in order to transport the youth to and fro various functions.

Education and Training

Most establishments require that you have a bachelor’s degree in human services, social work, or education.  Others require that you have a minimum of an associate’s degree in early childhood education. The institution that you choose to work for will provide specific training.

Job Prospects

Youth coordinator jobs are on the rise.  Many establishments view this as a very important function and are always looking to hire qualified individuals to oversee its youth programs.


The salary for a youth coordinator job varies, depending upon the establishment, the location, education, and years of experience.  According to, the average salary for a youth coordinator in the United States in 2011 is $36,480. breaks down the salary range as such, see below.


$35,000                           $70,0000                               $105,000






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