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Health Insurance Sales Agent Salary & Job Requirements

The primary role of the health insurance agent is to assist potential clients in selecting suitable health insurance policies that provide the best protection and cover medical cost.

Job Overview

The insurance agent acts as the medium between the agency and the client. The primary role of the health insurance agent is to assist potential clients in selecting suitable health insurance policies that provide the best protection and cover medical cost.  Prospective clients may consist of families, businesses, and single individuals.  The agents might also sell polices for dental insurance, vision insurance, short term, and long term disability along with the medical insurance. In fact most businesses purchase more than one type of insurance for its employees’ benefits package simply because it’s more cost effective.  In essence, the ultimate goal of the insurance agent is to sell suitable insurance policies to potential clients.  Insurance agents are responsible for creating and keeping track of customers’ accounts. Agents also help policyholders settle insurance claims in the event of a loss. Most agents have a specific area in which they are assigned to target.  Therefore it’s imperative that they become familiar with that particular market and develop a good agent/client relationship with prospective clients.

In the past, insurance agents would only go door to door to sell insurance policies. And some still do.  Nowadays, modern technology has made it possible for existing and potential clients to go online to the company’s website to obtain information pertaining to policies.  Clients can create an account and purchase insurance policies via the company’s website.  The system will automatically appoint an agent to a prospective client based upon the individual’s last name, first name, demographics, or other relevant data. The upside to this option is that it faster, easier, and more convenient for the clients. The downside is that it loses the client/agent personal relationship as well as some jobs. However, in the event questions arise concerning polices or price- the client can call the company direct to speak with a customer service representative who can help them.  Customer service reps can also refer clients to agents that will build and maintain an agent/client relationship.  Insurance agents usually work out of an office and report to the district manager.

Job Requirements

Must have a license for the state in which you live. Must have interpersonal skills, good organizational skills, and customer service experience.  Must complete required classes and pass state exams. 2 to 3 years sales experience is a plus.

Education and Training

Most insurance companies require that candidates have a minimum of an associate’s degree; and yet others require that you have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, marketing, or finance.  Most companies will provide extensive training for the right candidate.

Job Prospects

The job prospects for health insurance agents are expected to grow. Companies are looking to hire college graduates who have sells ability and are multi-lingual.


Salary for health insurance agent can vary based upon location, experience, education and industry. The median salary range for a health insurance agent is $47,500. Salary range for a health insurance agent is $29,803 to $59,337. However, salary for an independent insurance agent is based upon commission. Some agents are also eligible for bonuses and other rewards and incentives.


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